Big goals for a bright future

The SACS Endowment Trust was established in 2021 with the goal of ensuring SACS remains impactful regardless of continued funding pressures. A strong endowment will serve as an enormous stabiliser and supporter of the school and its various projects. It will ensure that SACS continues to produce young gentlemen who, through their thoughts and actions, thrive in a transformed environment of excellence and ultimately make a lasting contribution to South Africa. Through the SACS Endowment Trust we will be able to efficiently receive donations aimed at ensuring the school’s longevity.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those that have already made a contribution to the Endowment Trust.


As a leader at our great school, I know that I am but a brief custodian of what is a magnificent tradition stretching back over the past almost 200 years. SACS is a very special place and in the buildup to the historic occasion of our bicentennial celebrations, we have the chance, through our Endowment Trust, to ensure that the next 200 years of sustained excellence remains a reality. This, as we continue to strive to make SACS the best school for South Africa.
Brendan Grant

Headmaster, SACS High

SACS’ long history is testament to the strong foundations of the school, and the Endowment Trust will ensure that we continue to build the most impactful school for South Africa for generations to come. Through the Endowment Trust, we will not only support the longevity of the school but also be able to fund new, creative, and innovative projects that will enhance the school.


Gary Skeeles

Headmaster, SACS Junior